PathfindersMC in San Jose

Pathfinders mc - San Jose CA


The Pathfinders MC, San Jose was established to provide group support, while carrying the message of recovery to those who wish to abstain from the use of alcohol and drugs.  We come from all walks of life and have traveled many paths, but have united to be a part of each other’s life together as part of this club.  Each member has something to offer, no one voice is more important than another’s, no voice shall go unheard.  Our primary purpose is to carry the message of recovery wherever we go.  We are about taking a meeting to those who can’t get to one, guiding the newcomer and supporting each other.  We are about family and brotherhood through good times and bad.  We live for fun, enjoying life without the use of drugs and alcohol. The Pathfinders Motorcycle Club is about recovery and motorcycling.  We are not a political organization and have no affiliation with outside groups of any kind, because when we become involved with outside issues, we lose sight of the goals in which we are all striving to achieve.  As members of this club, we are individual representatives at all times, and should try to act as such, so as not to bring hardship of any kind to the group or any of its members.  The gift we have been given is a precious one and should be treated as such.  Only together, united in a caring family environment, can we continue to grow together as a club, spiritually and in accordance with the spirit of Rule 62.  Together, we are brothers and sisters in the wind, carrying the message of recovery.

If You are in Recovery or Need Recovery from Drugs & Alcohol addiction,

Ride a Motorcycle, Everyone is Welcome